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Once upon a time, a small
bedroom became a real "play"
room. With a stage and a castle
backdrop, small performers with
big imaginations create their
own productions. Fabrics
featuring minstrels and musical
instruments set the pace for the
not quite primary colors and
whimsy in the room.
The fireplace and cozy
furnishings provide perfect spots
for catnaps and cuddling.
Storybooks, dolls and toys
inspire and entertain our little
playwrights. This is a room
never to tire of because it can
always become whatever you
Our room consisted of a
wonderful bay area with no
center window and an unused
fireplace. The bay area became
our inspiration for the room. It
was a great way to put in a
stage for children without it
consuming the entire room.
Then we found the minstrel
fabric that we used on the
draperies and began planning
around these two main ideas.
After a while, we began to
discuss props for the stage and
came up with a functional and
realistic looking hall "tree." This
tree, as well as the cornice and
stage, were designed,
constructed, and hand-painted
by Playdreams, a division of
Daydreams specializing in
custom-made, one-of-a-kind
accent pieces. For more
information please contact us.
Lastly, we used books, toys,
musical insturments, and oil
paintings to tie the room
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Located in the historic
Kalorama district in
Washington, DC, the Susan F.
Clark house was totally
renovated to become this
year's show house. This three-
story Flemish Colonial Revival
home was formerly the Field