© Daydreams Interior Specialties 2011
Daydreams was selected to
participate in the 2002
Richmond Symphony Designer
House. This 8,500 square foot
home, known as the Bocock
Mansion, was built in 1911 in
the likeness of "the Petite
Trianon (c. 1760), a small
palace on the grounds of
Versailles..." After submitting
our designs, we were chosen to
decorate the upstairs sunroom.
This charming room was
formerly a screened-in porch
that was enclosed when the
family was expecting their fifth
child. Inspired by the large,
picturesque window, high
ceilings, and child-size
bathroom, we designed this
room as a nursery.
The large window and window
seat were perfect for
showcasing our fabrications.
We chose fabrics that were
playful and would appeal both
to parents as well as children.
The window treatment is a
variation of a Kingston Swag
featuring a hot-air balloon
fabric, faced with a red striped
fabric and ball trim. The balloon
shades were done in a dotted-
Swiss sheer to compliment the
The bathroom sink skirt was
done in the same fabric as the
window treatments in the main
room. Window treatments in
this room are scalloped dotted-
Swiss sheers with ball trim. The
medicine cabinet and floor cloth
were painted to match the
fabric and a balloon was
appliquéd onto the toilet seat
cover and hand towel.
A locked door leading to
another room provided a
perfect nook for our puppet
theater. The valance is in an
awning style with points and
tassels, and the skirt has an
opening in the front for easy
access "back stage."
Antique toys and furniture finish
up the room and give it a life.
One can almost see the
children playing in this
enchanting, magical room.