© Daydreams Interior Specialties 2011
More than just for dining; the
space we designed for the 2006
Richmond Symphony
Showhouse was also a
sanctuary for crossword puzzles
and coffee, games or music
practice. A cello stood in one
corner and an oil painting
featuring a piano demanded
attention above the sideboard.
Every room we have designed
for a Symphony Showhouse has
had a musical element. In
addition to the traditional dining
table, two Parson’s Chairs with
a game table between served
as a focal point in the recessed
window area. Embroidered silk
draperies in the same shade of
sage green as the tray ceiling
and accents of reds and blues
created a warm and inviting
room. Our goal was to
encourage our visitors to use
their dining rooms as a non-
media entertainment spot.
Several people have told us
since that they were inspired to
use their dining rooms more
often – our goal achieved!
As in all our Showhouse
Rooms, we considered the
exterior architecture of the home
and created a room
reminiscence of a French
countryside manor.